Which keys are used to create an indent between two main paragraph

How do you ident between two main paragraph? Which key(s) are used to indent?

It is a bit hard to understand your question.
Provide the code and we can try to help

The text-indent Property

Hi @freedkaygo2012
I am not sure I understand your question, so I will try to describe a few different cases:

  1. If the goal is to have two main paragraph next to eachother, it might be possible with using margins (margin-left=0 for one and margin-left=300px or something for the other one).

  2. If the goal is to have an indent on the first row in two different main paragraphs, you could use something like: <p style= "text-indent: 30px">The paragraph.</p>

  3. If the goal is to have space between where one main paragraph end and the next begin you could use something similar to <br> (maybe not the best in your case, but just to get the idea). Although I would not call this indentation.

Your question I can not understand clearly share your code. I will try to help you and if you will post please share your code with codepen .

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