Which language should I learn for this 'bot'?

Hi guys, a short introduction I have some very basic ‘knowledge’ on IT and codes, but have not touched coding and IT stuffs for many years.

I am trying to create a ‘bot/automated process’ that can keep track of a list of twitter user that changes their handle (the @ username)

Twitter allows the user to change their handles (@) anytime, but the userID is fixed.

What I wish to achieve with this bots/program is that it will automatically goes through the list at set interval and pings me/automatically update the database/make a tweet whenever one of the user in the list changes their handle

What language is suitable for this purpose (and ofcourse, easier to learn)

Thanks for the recommendation.

any language can do that, the twitter API tho is being incresingly difficult to get access to, so I am not sure you would be able to create this anyway

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