Which language?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to hear your opinions which language should i learn to develop an app like instagram, facebook and i have Visual Studio Code is this ok or i need other program?


On the frontend, Facebook uses JavaScript (React, specifically). On the backend, they still use PHP as far as I can tell.

Just to add to what @JacksonBates says. Regarding which language, the answer, on the server side, is almost anything - a language is just a tool, and most languages will allow you to build a similar thing to what you’re taking about. It’s arbitrary, depends on a multitude of factors, and often involves multiple different languages for different parts of the system. Facebook was built in mainly PHP, then they wrote a version of PHP called Hack to replace that. Instagram was mainly Python afaik with loads of other stuff. On the client side, depends on platform - browser is going to be JS (and/or a language that compiles to JS), Android could be Java and/or Kotlin and/or JS, IOS could be Objective-C and/or Swift and/or JS and so on.

You can’t emulate that, so if you want to learn, pick something general purpose (JS, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP amongst many others are all pretty much general purpose) and go from there.

Thank you for your opinions you helped me alot, i appreciate it.