Which of my survey forms should I enter?

After taking notice of some heavy comments, I created nwe forms.

Both of them passed the fcc CDN test. One of the forms is quite simple (regarding responsiveness), the other uses a bit more of css (viewports).

I think both of them would pass a responsive test. At least they do on my Mac, in FF, Safari and Chrome using the dev tools for responsiveness.

Not sure which one would be better practice.

Oops, forgot to add the link

I’m having problems with my github pages (really struggling with them).
My welcome page has disappeared , have to solve that first. Will be back.

I like the first form the best, but it has some alignment issues when the screen width gets smaller.

Also, I think the Send button at the bottom should be the same width as the inputs. Currently, on mobile device, the Send button takes the full width of the screen.

The second form allows some of the checkboxes to be outside the flow of the rest of the document (see below).

I’'ll have a look at the alignment issues.
Regarding the send button on mobile screens: I did that on purpose, so it’s different from input fields. Is it wrong to do that?

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.