Which one is the toughest of all Certifications?

I am curious which one of the 6 certifications of FreeCodeCamp is the toughest one to grasp. I want to prepare myself better for the upcoming certifications. Thanks.

They are meant to be progressive. For the most part each certificate will expect that you already understand everything covered by the prior certificates. (The exception that comes to mind is the JavaScript one.)

Yeah but which one was the most difficult for you?

That is difficult to answer, because everyone will struggle with different sections for different reasons. If you plow through some of the sections which “seem” easy but do not retain the actual knowledge, then later sections may “seem” more difficult.

It also depends if you had any background experience with any of the curriculum material sections. You may struggle less with sections you have had some experience with before.

I think the React, but it was because I wanted my way and first starting REACT in vs code I was really down. First d3 chart even it is easy one, but it take times to read all manuals, the NodeJS need time, because its restarting after any change. MongooseDB sometimes poor manual,

For me, it was the data visualization. Getting through the challenges was easy… getting through the projects, not so much.

I’m working on the information security and quality assurance projects now, but I don’t think they will be too difficult.

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