Which one of these is a best career choice?

Most of the time people are confused which one is best as a career out of trending technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence?

What do you think which one of these is the best choice for a high paying career?

I personally think Machine Learning is the best career field in today’s scenario.

What are your views?

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From what i know, Artificial intelligence & machine learning are similar due to the fact, ML is a subset of AI.

In terms of which is trending and which field will continue to trend, i reckon Artificial Intelligence takes the cake for that.

Indeed ML is probably the best, however i believe all of these fields are not beginner friendly.E.g No one will hire a robotic’s engineer who doesn’t have a mechanics bachelors.
Therefore, getting starting in these field is very difficult, i’m not ruling it out thou.

Therefore, i believe yes, all the mentioned path’s are high paying. However, for a beginner or a starter its a steep slope.

Probably i’m abit biased because i have less brain cells. But I think, ML & AI peeps are big brains!!.

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Those are very different fields that use different skills and appeal to different people. They don’t really compare as closely as one might think. Machine Learning and Data Science are applied statistics. Robotics is going to be very low-level programming. AI is a wide field but is going to bring in a lot of statistics again and probably be very focused on time efficiency.

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I want to take a different tact with this question.

First, for the hype around these fields who is actually hiring for it? Look at the profile of the companies who are looking for these skills.

Most commonly the more hype the tech, the more that consultancies and start-ups are looking. The more approachable, and known the field is the more that mainstream companies will hire for it.

There is a long history of this hype in our field. I wouldn’t bet a career on any of these, but I would say that if you want to position yourself for the next couple of years you can. It really depends on what kind of bet you want to make and what kind of company you want to work for.