Which ORM or Mongo Client To Use

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great day. I am starting to learn Node.JS/Express but I am a bit confused because theres lots of ORM/DB Client for mongodb or sql db. What ORM/DB Client should I use that is mostly used in real world?

Mongoose is the Mongo-backed one for Mongo. Sequelize is by far and away the most popular one for relational [SQL] ones (MySQL, PG, SQLite).

An ORM isn’t in any way essential either, the dB driver library will do. Or as a thin layer over that, Knex (a query builder) is good, nice to use.

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I use mongoose for mongodb, because it is the biggest.

For Postgres I use typeorm.

I mostly have a look at npm trends and look at the Related section at the bottom.

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Thank you! I just searched google and there’s also ObjectionJS lol. I will just stick with mongoose for the meantime