Which other online forums do you guys know about?

I’m building a website that provides links to open programming forums found all over the world just like FCC. My goal is to make it easier for people who are interested in programming to find forums. The forums can be subreddits, open facebook groups, gitter chatrooms etc
I’m currently compiling a database of these forums. If you know of any forums, please comment below with a link to the forum. Please include any of the following additional information:
1- The location of the forum(eg if you mention a state, please include the country).
2- The language(s) spoken by the members. I will assume it is english by default.
3- The programming languages and frameworks the forum specializes in eg reddit.com/r/rails is for ruby on rails framework.
4- A description of the forum if any other special information should be known.

Also, feel free to give more suggestions and comments on my project.

Thank you.

I don’t use many forums, but I do use a lot of subreddits (all of these are in English):


Just forums or are you interested in chat rooms also?
The Coding Blocks podcast has an open Slack channel: https://www.codingblocks.net/slack/

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Forums and chatrooms

Thank you for the suggestion