Which portfolio project is better?

So there is my first portfolio attempt: codepen.io/full/gLpQYE
And there is my second portfolio attempt: akacipher.github.io

Which one you think is better?

I like the second one. The first one is a bit grey and cluttered. The second one looks nice and has a lot of free space.

Two things I noticed:

  • Navigation doesn’t work
  • Contact icons hover shadow is a bit too much

I second the second one - much cleaner and more modern looking design.

In addition to what @BenGitter said, I would consider breaking up your introductory text into two paragraphs and maybe have it go a bit wider across the screen - where it’s only taking up 50% it looks like something is missing on the right hand side. Even 2/3rds would look more deliberate.

I’d also considering softening the colour of the lines breaking up your content - pink and grey look good together, so you could make them paler but wider, it would still break up the page but look less final.

Good work though!

Thanks I was going to add my picture or something on the right of the “About Me” text, also I’ve made the breaking lines gray but I cant figure out how to make them wider, problem is that I wrapped all my content inside one container.

@BenGitter Yeah I knew that my navigation didn’t work, I am figuring it out :smiley: