Which programming languages and framework for my Web and mobile project?

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I have a Web project. I would like to create a simple Android app or Web service that gives a daily list of deadlines for national public examinations in my country (called “concours administratifs” in French).

I noticed that many candidates, including me, often pass the deadline to apply and then one has to wait 1 year in order to subscribe again!

So technically I would like to suck information from major trageted websites and then feed my Web application wuth the information, by category and then list them in a daily format.

This way no more passing the deadline!

The problem is that the information about deadlines is not readily avaiable on these websites. One has to look in many pages, and sometimes they change and get updated with different URL.

I would not be able to feed manually my Web app; because it would require too much work

Which programming language should I use for this? Javascript with JSON and Ajax? I know JS and JSON a little bit. I know how to get data from specific URLS in JSON and output them.

I know CSS and HTMl too and Bootstratp for the UI

What I don’t know yet is how to design a specific Android app.

I want to make it simple in termes of UI to start with, then I will make it more complex.

I don’t know how to handle your deadline info problem.

As far as android, you can right apps for it in languages like Java or Kotlin. FCC teaches React, and React Native will make native apps for Android. Of course, if you don’t need native features, you can run an HTML/CSS/JS app in the browser of the phone, just like on any app in a browser. It is less than ideal for user experience, but may be more than enough for a MVP.