Which Programming Style or Paradigm is more suited for Web-Development?

Well, I just got to know about different paradigms in practical implementation and So, I thought I should ask this question.
I mean is one particular paradigm is best suited for web-development or it’s just personal preference? or it depends on the project that we are working on??

Honestly, with code most things are personal preference. Sure there are things that are universally considered bad practice, like mutating global state inside spaghetti code or whatnot. But really when it comes to paradigms it’s all just personal preference.

It depends on the app as well. Some types of apps might benefit from a little OOP, some might read a little better and be slightly more reusable/extensible by using some light functional programming. Some apps are using opinionated frameworks that make a lot of the decisions for you, some frameworks let you do whatever you want.

I personally like a functional style.

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This is probably the most correct answer.

Web development is a large field, and it grows every day. Web Development projects can range from simple static websites, like portfolios, to advance applications with complex performance and requirements.

Multiple programming paradigms exist for different types of problems. There isn’t one size fits all, as they all have their pros and cons, which need to be considered when using them.

Knowing what options you could take, what you already know, what of the project requirements itself, and the pros and cons of each action is much better than choosing and sticking with 1 specific approach believing it to be the “best”.

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Thanks for clearing this out I was also thinking the same But I don’t have much experience so I was kinda confused. :grin:

Yeah I heard the same thing from my instructor he said exactly what you told me.
It’s all about trade-offs, right?
Thanks for clearing me out :grin:

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