Which project should i do next?

So basically I was stuck in learning react for months because of my inconsistency and lack of practice but after getting some advice I started again and made a project MovieFinder watching this tutorial.
Movie Finder
It was quite easy to understand and complete but now I am confused about what should I do next .
I am thinking of doing another project from the same channel.
Ecommerce website
It includes a lot of new topics like Next.js , Sanity , stripe which I am not sure is needed or not.
Should I go ahead with this project or not?
Please suggest.

Try to build something without following tutorial?

That is the only way to make sure that you acquired actual skills from following this movie-finder thing.

I just completed some react tutorial, and I am trying to utilize my knowledge, implementing my own idea - it is super challenging, and I am learning even more stuff than was in tutorial.

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