Which react course is the best?

Hey everyone,
So i’ve decided its finally time for to learn react and I’ve decided to purchase an online course to do so in order to get the best possible experience learning from home, I was wondering if there was anyone who purchased any react courses and if the had any recommendations and more importantly any courses I should avoid
Thanks in advance

From my personal experience I’d say on Udemy everything by Maximilian Schwarzmüller is worth buying, and avoid anything by Stephen Grider.

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I don’t think you need a course. Of course FCC can take you through the basics. But I learned before FCC had those - I just watched a lot of youtube videos, coded along, made a lot of mistakes, read the docs…

But if you like courses, I’m sure there are good ones. I’m just saying that you don’t need one if you are resourceful.

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I am just finishing up “React for the Rest of Us” by Brad Schiff on Udemy and feel like I have learned a lot. I enjoy his courses. My only previous React exposure is here on FCC so I found his course somewhat fast-paced and using some newer React features like context, than are covered here on FCC (yet).

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Hi there,

nowadays I don’t recommend courses anymore,
because this will probably create too much sense of accomplishment in you,
because most courses show solutions instead of the correct tools to find the solutions on your own. Probably you will get stuck in tutorial hell.

That’s why I recommend the React Docs: