Which Respsonsive Web Design Certification?

What is the difference between the Responsive Web Design Certification and the Responsive Web Design (beta) Certification? And is one more preferable than the other?


HI @blahboybaz !

The beta version has 15 practice projects, while the current version has hundreds of mini challenges.

The beta version will soon replace the current version. The beta version provides users with more practice on the concepts and repetition.

The beta version is also part of the new project based curriculum

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Right on… so is it better to do the beta certification then (better as in more beneficial to me in the long run)?

And, by beta, does that mean that it may be a bit buggy still? Beta in that sense of the meaning?

it’s not completely finished - it is missing a few things, like for example the “Ask for help” button (you would need to create a topic and give necessary infos on your own if you need help), but the projects are completed

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If you have already completed the responsive web design certificate and feel comfortable with the concepts you don’t need to do the entire beta certificate too, unless you really want to.

You can choose certain topics that you are weaker in to review.
For example, if you don’t feel that comfortable in css grid, flexbox, etc, then you can look through the beta curriculum and choose those practice projects to review.

If you haven’t completed the responsive web design curriculum or feel you need extensive review on html and css concepts, then going through the beta curriculum would be good.

The team has been hard at work in cleaning up bugs since it was released back in december. As @ilenia mentioned, there are a few features that still need to be added but the practice projects for learning are complete.

Hope that helps!


Really appreciate the info. Any ideas when the beta one will be complete?

There is no set date for when it will move out of beta.
But it should be soon.

Thanks for all your help. I’m hoping the information will help others too.

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