Which resume do you think it better?

I am trying to decide between what Resume’s I should send in my applications. I’ve been told before that I should make my resume somewhat more visual. The document I have attached is the one I’ve been using for a little while now. I’m just trying to get a general opinion on which one stands out more and is professional


I personally like the first one more.
But why not both? A nice visual one (the top one) and a simple straightforward one (the second one). Which what you use for a given job application probably depends on the circumstance.

You should have multiple resumes for different kinds of jobs anyways, rather than 1 be-all-end all resume. As you can re-write/refocus parts of your resume for the job at hand to promote different skillsets.

Also the font selection on the “simpler” one looks inconsistent at a glace, the text in the box almost looks like its using a different font altogether?

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Hi @fkhan698 !

I like the design of the first one better.
But I think the second could work well too.

Just be careful about correct spellings of language names.

It should be JavaScript not Javascript.
Every little detail matters :grinning:

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