Which resume should I use?

Hey guys, I’m having trouble deciding which resume to use.

In one, I have 4 projects and only listed my most recent job. Resume 1
On the other, I have all my work experience and 3 projects. Resume 2

Is it more important to showcase projects or work experience? I’d also appreciate general feedback on format and content of the resumes. Thanks guys.

Hi @envincebal,
first of all, both resumes look good by design and by features. You have detailed your work experience in a very good fashion.
Reading through both of them, I have the following suggestions:

  • From reading the more detailed resume, I understand you don’t have professional development experience, and that’s fine. Since both versions of your resume are only one page long, I would choose Resume2 and this is why.

  • Even though you don’t have any professional development experience, reading what you did in your other jobs, gives more insight about you as a person and can help the interviewer learn more about you and your skill set.

  • I would also change the order of subjects in your resume. The summary should stay in its place, then, your education, then work experience and at the end technologies and projects.

  • I can suggest to try and elaborate more regarding your education. What projects did you do? Any prominent courses that you have taken and are relevant for the position your are going after?

  • Be aware that everything you list regarding technologies may mean to some interviewer that you are fully knowledgeable in relevance to that technology. If there are some development languages that you are less proficient in, maybe it is a good idea to split technologies into two sections: one section for technologies you feel you have a good grasp on, and the other for technologies you are less familiar with.

Finally, I wish you all the best in your job search :+1:

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