Which type of Java script code it is?

<script nonce="s8Ma5GuzpDyRLTm1LvCMFg">const imageUrl =  null ;
      function bgImgLoaded() {
        if (!globals.headerBgImgLoaded) {
          globals.headerBgImgLoaded = new Date().getTime();
        } else {
      if (imageUrl) {
        const img = new Image();
        img.src = imageUrl;
        img.onload = bgImgLoaded;
        globals.headerBgImgExists = true;
      } else {
        globals.headerBgImgExists = false;

what’s your question about this code?

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help, where we use this JavaScript code ?

what should it do? where did you found it?

The code is broken.

imgUrl is set as null so the “if else” block does nothing but setting globals.headerBgImgExist to false.

Even if that bug would be fixed img.onload = bgImgLoaded; would do nothing but assigning the function as a value when probably would be expected to be called.

Also “img” variable is not used anywhere … very odd (setting source to null). And cannot be used anywhere else as it is scoped to the “if else” block.

Furthermore, if there is any code that uses “globals.headerBgImgExists” is going to have a bug probably.

Seems to me like code written by someone who doesn’t know JS.

thank you for explaining it very well