Which Udemy's course is better?

I am looking for Web Development Bootcamp. So, the biggest Udemy’s bootcamps are Colt Steele and Angela Yu. Which one is better?

Which one is better?
  • Colt Steele
  • Angela Yu

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The Colt Steele course has become out of date, and through the course, it gives you alerts about some changes and finding alternatives. You will not be comfortable following the course because you have to change everything and try alternatives.

Currently, I’m studying Angela Yu’s course and I’m at the end of the course, I don’t want to get you disappointed …
As the course passes, you will feel that the content is small bits of each skill and you will not feel that you feel enough …

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I thought he just updated it though.

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Hey there @Kristal9! Honestly, I recommend using Udemy as a supplement and not as a main course. Honestly the Udemy talk-and-build structure sometimes isn’t the best for you.

I suggest taking the FCC course or at the very least complete the projects in addition to Udemy. That way you learn the skills in Udemy and build using them with the projects.

As for those specific courses I can’t exactly tell you about either of them, but I can tell you about my own use of Udemy for dev work.

FCC does an ok job of teaching CSS and for me it never really clicked, that’s why to supplement my learning I bought a Udemy course to help me advance my CSS knowledge. I haven’t started it yet but when I finish, I hope I’ll grow on what FCC taught me.

See what I mean? Honestly, it’s up to you to see what you’re learning style is, and don’t be afraid to choose a free resource. Their quite good. Udemy doesn’t do an excellent job of helping you use the knowledge after fact, remember building your own product will teach you more than any code-along Udemy course ever will.

Hope this helped!

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HI @Kristal9!

I did a little bit of angela’s when I first started and I like her teaching style.

Just remember that not matter what course you do (udemy, youtube, FCC) the real learning kicks in when you start building projects.

Don’t wait till your ready to start building projects. You’ll never be ready.
Just start.

You will make tons of mistakes. But who cares.

What is the worst that can happen?

You get fired?


You are just learning.

Make all the mistakes you want.

Learn the basics and google your way to success.

Good luck!


It’s still outdated and keeps being updated, but modifying and using the alternative is very confusing. I stopped in the middle before the amendment, and after the amendment, I went back not to where I left off, but the alternatives did not encourage me to continue much.

@jwilkins.oboe @YaserHamame01 I know, now I use a few courses, and I done some courses yet. So, I am new, but I am not zero. I know basics of HTML, CSS and JS. I need as more as possible exercises, because when I passed last courses I understand that practice is the most important.
You say that Angela is better than Colt, but British accent is too hard for me, I understand every word of Colt, but I understand ~90% of Angela’s speech.

That’s enough to start building projects.

Yes, it will be hard at times. And you might get stuck. But it is a really the best way to grow with the skills you have learned already.

Build something small like a calculator, tic tac toe game, to-do-list.

I know it is scary to build something on your own because you might feel like you are not ready. But honestly you will never be 100% ready.

I started with tutorials and they worked in the beginning but then I broke free from them and starting building projects on my own.

These past three months of creating projects on my own have lead me to research more, and get stronger as programmer.

I have made millions of mistakes and taken dozens of wrong turns but it just gave me an opportunity to learn something new.

So instead of going through the 50 hour bootcamps maybe just look up what you need to for the project you are working on.

Good luck!


A software engineer friend advised me to build these projects:


I haven’t taken Angela Yu, but Colt Steele I didn’t like, because it was boring, and some challenges were hard to do.

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This is a catch-22 because Colt’s course is way more up to date as of today, but Angela’s presentation and steady exercises with concepts that build on previous concepts are stellar. I found myself struggling to pay attention to Colt and not enough reinforcement of concepts as you go along. You kinda get thrown in the deep end unless you practice each concept on your own outside the course. The problem I have with Angela’s course is that ES6 syntax is not taught until very far into the course, which can throw a lot of people off if they already know some ES6, for example when starting with Colt and checking out Angela. I tend to flip back and forth between the two but if my money was tight I’d pick Colt’s course and supplement here with projects. FCC is outstanding supplementary material. Nothing is a catch all. At some point we have to learn on our own and not everyone will feed it to us like these educators. Wishing you the best with your journey.

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