Which url for test

MongoDB and Mongoose - Install and Set Up Mongoosehttps://learn.freecodecamp.org/apis-and-microservices/mongodb-and-mongoose/install-and-set-up-mongoose

in this topic i have cloned a directory from git hub and started learning gbut i got stuck .

i have confusion which url should i have to give for solution to pass the test .

i have given this one “https://github.com/rabi-999/nodemongo-firstapp” but its not working

this is my git repository link

Hello, Rabi and i am not sure 'cos i using glitch but i think you have to host it on github pages and then copy the link and test it
i suggest you use glitch its much easier in these challenges

but i got to know that github host only static pages

i hosted my nodeJS project on github pages so i suggest you

is it working out .

i also tried but i am not able to pass the test

Yeah it is working but its not my fcc challenge i hosted my side nodeJS project on github pages
for fcc challenges i use glitch

ok thanks for noticing my issue