Which way is the fast way to get Job between FCC vs Udacity

Hello Guys! i need some of your advice!
I have little programming exprience only and aiming to get a fronted dev job.

I only consider only time that i spend ,I know Udacity need some cost but Ionly care time.

Which way will be fast to lead me to get a job in Sweden

FCC course

  1. FCC Responsive Web Design Certification >
    JavaScript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)>
    Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)>
    +Udemy React and YouTube course

Udacity course + FCC course

2. FCC Responsive Web Design Certification > 
    Udacity nanodegree Frontend
    Udacity nanodegree React

Cheers for all!

Either one will require further study outside of the curriculum (in most cases.) For this reason, it might be beneficial if you do both? Perhaps lead with FCC, and follow up what you are learning in FCC with the content from Udacity.

Even with this, you will have to spend some time developing apps/coding in your own time (very rare for someone to get a job only from earning FCC certs, or a cert from Udacity, or any certification for that matter.)

This is laregely my opinion, but I take from the opinions of those whom have experience in the industry, hope this helps!