Which web host should we use to host a portfolio for the FCC back-end projects?

Here at FCC we’re taught how to create a personal portfolio page with CodePen, but how about showcasing our back-end work: how do we do that?

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With backend code you could set up a github account and commit each of the projects to a separate repo. If you create a readme.md for each that explains the project viewers should be able to understand what you’ve done.i


I think @jamesfmac has it exactly right. The hosting company you chose should be secondary to a quality github portfolio. It would make sense to host somewhere, sure – it’s great to have a live example and a place to showcase your work.

The problem with questions like this is, folks always have their own opinions and preferences. Often, this is an open-ended invitation to an opinion “flame-war”. While fun to watch, not always helpful.

That said… I use codeanywhere for my development stuff, have yet to formalize my portfolio – but when I do, that’s who I will use. Others may feel otherwise.

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