While everyone should be glad freeCodeCamp is free, not every challenge is well worded

stuff like Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Spinal Tap Case

the wording is so little you are not going to understand the problem without reading the testing section or hints.

and some of the problems cannot be understood even after reading the solution. the solution description does not particularly help understanding how it is coded that way either.

(1) we use .filter() to filter out the array
(2) we use .map() to map the source to another solution.

nope, sorry. this kind of description wont help. it is really like putting a sign up saying “this is a sign”

stuff in javascript is very frustrating if i not recall it wrong something like .slice() a array gives the sliced array to another variable, but return slice() gives you a boolean.

it is coming to a point where googling for an solution and reading somewhere else give better support than fcc. in which fcc could use a lot of rework and be better.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the wording, they are always welcome.

Coding is hard and learning how to code is hard. The same explanations just can’t work for everyone.

As a note, it’s very common and very important to be looking back at references to see how certain language features work. I have been coding for quite some time and I am frequently checking documentation.