While freelancing, how to trust links?


as a freelancer, how to trust links sent to you from clients?

also, how you make a client trust your links?

they may be hackers links.

  • only get clients who you trust
  • check the target of the link in the status bar
  • check it in a virtual machine or even another device
  • block every DNS request (e.g. using a Pi Hole) and see which domains are requested
  • block every resource, especially JavaScript in the browser (e.g. using uBlock Origin)


hanks so much for the tips. I really do appreciate. I will try to search for these tools.
but when I talk to a client for the first time, how I make him trust my links?
he may suspect. what should I do or what to tell him, if it was first time talking?
and many thanks in advance.

probably make sure that whatever you link to could be found googling, so that instead of clicking they could google it anyway



thanks so much for the advice.

I am talking about when I want to show them a website I created. and this website only accessed through the link because it does not have actual content.
it is just a template.

they may suspect the link. what could I do in such case if they are worried?

Just curious, have you encountered this or is this a hypothetical situation? Because never, in my career as a freelancer (15+) has any client ever expressed distrust of a link that I sent them.

To me, if someone hires you, that must mean they trust you to some extent.

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thanks so much for replying and sharing your experience

it is a hypothetical situation. because I have not started freelancing yet
but they advised me about cold emails too, so the receiver does not even know me.

If you trust the person who is sending the link, then trust the link too. You need not worry if the link has been shared on your businesses’ Internet or private WhatsApp group. Moreover, if you are getting links from clients on freelancing platforms, you can click on it, as these platforms automatically block spam links.

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It’s true that I don’t open links sent from cold emails–I get several offers a week from people trying to sell me web services. But once you have a relationship of some kind, you’re probably fine.

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thanks for your comment


thanks for your reply

so when I send my website link on cold email, then receivers do not open it.

so what is the useful of cold emails? others advised me to use them

I think that actually a lot of people open links from cold emails.
Maybe only some tech nerds like me/us don’t do this.

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thanks for your reply.
I hope there is methods to test the link, so they can test it before opening in order not to be worried

It is not as easy to hack your system via link only. I usually open these links in Google web browser and then see what it is written in meta title & description. Some custom browser security settings would also help you in this and wouldn’t open a harmful link. But yes, you should only open links from trusted clients.

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Thanks for your reply.

You are welcome. Moreover, you can also check them manually at a new incognito window after checking from Google.

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