White and black vs other colors

Hey guys!

I think nowadays to use some coo color from list but they looks too generic like from a cicle color picker monochromatic etc.

What colors do you like to use?

The white is good on background based section. What use if not white for this purposes?

What other colors you like?



make yourself a custom color picker :slight_smile:
Custom Color

or a gradient tester…
Gradient Tester

Great pens! Thanks you so much.

I tend to like a lot of blues and purples, and typically in gradients. Here are some resources I like to use to pick out colors and gradients. I tend to use a few different tools for this instead of using only one because different tools have different featured color palettes/gradients.The variety helps.



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Thank you also for share resources really appreciated!

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@jeremybbauer list is excellent.

Another one:

or use CSS LESS color functions to generate your own color theme

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Really stoked to dig into the tools you shared :pray: :art: .