White space right side of hero image background

When i am resizing my window to 641x636 or width less than 641 the white space increases on right side of image. So can any one tell me what should i add my media query. Please help

Edit: Same things happens on image-container class and footer element

Here is my code : https://codepen.io/DVGY/full/VwYGbaR


The provided link gives a 404(Page Not Found) error

Ohh yaa i am so sorry, actually no one replied so I deleted my project and made a new one. I have few questions

https://codepen.io/DVGY/full/VwYEGBQ : This is link of my new project

  1. Do I need to add media queries ?
  2. Please suggest any change or problem if you can, it would be very helpful

Yes you need to media query in which you would change flex-direction of the container to column (it’s set to row by default)

Yaa just to stack. I know. Thanks for clearing everything