Who dares wins, could you beat this one?

Would you say this is good enough http://codepen.io/teaumate/full/MbYaVG/

I played it a few times. AI seems really good.
When I play through once, and press the eye icon (that clears the board?) and start to play again, icons don’t show up

I think it meets the stories requirements;
User Story: I can play a game of Tic Tac Toe with the computer.
User Story: My game will reset as soon as it’s over so I can play again. (you have a button to do this, i think that’s okay)
User Story: I can choose whether I want to play as X or O.

I’d suggest making it look better on mobile and desktop by making it use more screen. It’s really small on a computer.

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Hey, thanks for the review, the eye icon was intended for playing without seeing the symbols, like in blindfold chess play.

Here is a bug.
Player play first with X
1th & 2nd move
- - -

  • o -
    x - -

3dh & 4th move

5th & 6th move

7th move player plays and win

8th and computer response
xo- but doesn’t win !!!

I spent a lot of time on my tic-tac-toe to make comp unbeatable.
I came to some solution but give up of further work, to go on other challenges.
Here is mine https://codepen.io/fijeko/pen/vGPdYR

Hey! thx for the review, everything is in order now (hopefully) :slight_smile: i understand , i 'm sick of tictactoe too and unfortunately yours, which is very nice, has a bug too :cold_sweat: :