Who is the Author of the Articles

I can not find author of the Articles.
I want translate the articles to Chinese, I want to know the author.

Hi @luojiyin1987 !
The author’s name is listed underneath the image which is Pablo Regen.

As for translating articles, I would suggest reading through Quincy’s article on how it works. At the bottom of the article it provides instructions on how to translate for freecodecamp.

You should also join the fcc chat room to join the other translators and ask questions about the process.


Thank @jwilkins.oboe for confirming this. @luojiyin1987 is an active contributor. The reason why he asked this question was we had a GitHub action to create a markdown file with a URL of an article. I guess it didn’t work as there’s no link for the author. I’ll manually add this article to the translation list:)


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