Who knows Dan Bilzerian? Now he has a "tribute page."


This is the first page I have ever built and I think it turned out great. I know the code could probably be simpler, but whatever, I did what I had to do!

Hope you like what I made, https://codepen.io/Buddalish/full/PJQMEr

First of all, I like the header of your website. It’s clean and appealing.

The text below “Meet Dan Bilzerian” is harder to read, because it’s huge and positioned side by side. Maybe you can centralised the text into one chunk, and put some quotes or trivia about him at the side to avoid having too much white space.

The Youtube video is gigantic, I get the sense that you don’t know what to put so you just threw in a large-ass video. Maybe resize it to a smaller size and put the instagram photos beside it? Cheers

Here’s my tribute page: https://codepen.io/jenlky/full/WZdQoB/