Who wants to discuss the social dilemma?

Hey everyone!

I am interested to see if anyone wants to talk about the issues raised in the social dilemma.

I feel very passionate about the issues raised in the documentary, and I’m also aware that this is only part of the picture. I’d love to find out more about other people who have been a part of this conversation, who have been doing the work and even to imagine what the future of tech might look like should ethical regulations be put into place?

this may not be the best place for a discussion like this, it can pretty quickly go political and inflammatory

If you are interested in going deeper look at everything else that the Center for Human Technology is doing, including the podcast Your Undivided Attention


I haven’t watched “The Social Dilemma”, however I actually took a class in college about the impact of social media on general society. I don’t honestly remember much from the class though.

I personally stopped using social media years ago, as I realized it became too much of a time sink and distraction. Now I’d rather read something more substantial rather than get more FOMO.

I’m on the side that believes there won’t be any successful large scale regulatory measures made that impacts the use of social media. Why would there be? It makes money, people like it, and the direct negative impacts of social media aren’t significant enough to warrant any big push against it.

The simplest “solution” to most of the biggest issues that are created with social media is to just not use them as much, or at all. That’s way easier said than done, but that is the solution to getting out of FOMO, “keeping up the Johnassas” and wasting your time doom scrolling.

On a similar note, I believe data collection and security being the most relevant concerns that affect just as many people, and can have larger direct impacts on people. It’s one thing if you can’t get off Facebook, its another if Facebook gets hacked and all the data they collected gets stolen. The same is true for systems you might not even have a choice with like Equifax, or your affected indirectly by another system. IE you use the same password on multiple sites, one of which gets breached.

Furthermore, the weakest link in a lot of these system’s security is actually you. Social engineering and phishing attacks are very common, can affect anyone at any time and are becoming more and more common. Such problems will only become more prevalent in the future, and the best protection is actually education on the topic, as the most important and vulnerable vector is the person itself.