Why after completing tribute page , I don't have certificate?

Hello guys,
I have just submitted my finished tribute page( it has mentioned that - I “have completed for about 20 %- {Respond Web Design Project } and go to the next challenge”.
After - it didn’t confirm that i have a certificate. Was it for a certificate?

Thank you

you need to complete the five projects to be able to get a certification

after you have submitted the five projects you will be able to claim your certificate in the settings

after you have completed your project, to get even better you can ask for feedback in the #project-feedback subforum

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@Bond007 You need to complete all five projects in order to get the certificate. The first project is the tribute page and the last one is the personal portfolio. Once you complete all five projects, you will be able to claim the certificate.

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thanks, I will be working on it.