Why am I doing this?

Should I give this up? I have randomly discovered a love for learning code. What do I do with this knowledge? Design websites? Work for corporate companies? No, I have no interest in that, really. My dreams don’t involve being a developer or big time employee for Google. How can I code for fun or just for the hell of it? Or should I just let this go and move on with my life?

Depending on the code you know, you can try to implement some basic programs to make your life easier. Automate some tasks you would otherwise need to do tediously by hand or download some apps that may or may not collect personal data and sell it to unknown third-parties.

Generally it’s a bit challenging at first to find applications for your knowledge.

For example, I wrote a basic Pomodoro-Clock with Python for myself. Then figured I can just download an app. But now I might go back to my own because for whatever reason in one cycle the app countdown goes negative and having “-13” minutes left in one round begins to be kinda annoying.

Hi @msketoe !

I would just view it as a hobby.
There is nothing wrong with that.
Just build fun stuff for yourself on your own terms and own time.

I have plenty of hobbies that I enjoy but have no desire to do professionally.
For example, I enjoy cooking and learning about new recipes.

But I have zero desire to go to culinary school and become a professional chef.
I am very content learning how to cook on my own time.

Hope that helps!


If you are loving the learning of code, have you considered trying your hand at teaching the code? It’s very possible that, even as a hobby, you might find a passion in mentoring.

Later on, as you gain experience, you might want to think about how you can share that love of code with others: contributing to open source repositories (like freeCodeCamp!), posting news articles or blog posts about things you find exciting or interesting.

There’s no reason that your hobby couldn’t help both yourself and others.

Yes, you can do this put of enjoyment, as a craft, I don’t see why not. It’s just that it happens to be a craft that pays well, and it’s extremely practical. So people make money directly from it, in a job. But as with mastery of any skill, it can be rewarding in of itself.

Would you consider programming to be closer to a skill like playing an instrument or carpentry? Or closer to accountancy or plumbing? If the former, then, yeah :man_shrugging:t3:, those are things that yes you can have a career in, but also that you can simply learn for pleasure. If the latter – well, they’re useful skills, but for pleasure? I dunno.

If I’m going to be honest, the reason I like programming is that it is, when all goes well, it is just a set of small, satisfying puzzles. I create a tiny, carefully controlled world made from words and thoughts. The computer I use to bring that world to life is an extraordinarily dumb thing whose only skill is to add up numbers very quickly. And yet the little puzzles I input are translated, magically, to real things with real effects. I’ve spent a long time practicing this, and that means I can make money from it: many of those “real effects” can translate directly to “profit for business”. I’d rather just spend my time making art and games and toys for myself, but I need security, and this is my primary skill, therefore most of the programming I do is dull and prosaic line-of-business stuff. I still generally enjoy that though, still involves the same puzzles.


Coding can be hobby, just like most other things, you dont have to accomplish yourself professionally.

you can use this knowledge to help open source projects and nonprofits.
heck even freecodecamp you can contribute to.

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