Why am I feeling so overwhelmed with ES6 training?

So after completing the HTML/CSS certification and breezing through those lessons with a decent understanding of the two, I begin my JS training. I’m aware JS is a whole different animal, and much more to take in. However, I feel like the lessons themselves are just far more complicated.

I have to look up so much more now than I had to before. Each lesson teaches me something, then asks me to do something much more complicated than the model. I understand that it is a cumulative process, but it seems excessive. At times it asks you to utilize things that haven’t even been introduced yet. When I turn to forums for hints and guidance, I barely understand them.

I want to be able to really understand what I’m learning, is there something more I should be doing?

Bear in mind most of the curriculum developed over many years, whereas the ES6 part has been added on recently and hasn’t had the long period of refinement.

On the one hand, most of the stuff thats currently there would [imo] be more in useful in context: split out and put into the relevant later sections (as an example, getters/setters in the OO JS section). On the other hand, it being sometimes brutally hard for a beginner means you have to learn this stuff, so it’ll make everything else easier.

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