Why are all the texts in the footer section turned in to links?

I have passed all user stories on the tribute page but I want to make sure all my codes and syntax are correct before sending the link to my work. The problem is with the footer section. It appears an instagram link is linked to the H3 text but I double checked everything and there’s no code there to supply that link though I do have an ahref linked to one of the words on the H3 text linking to the tributes wikipedia. I appreciate if someone can help. Thanks :slight_smile: Image is attached.

Just a guess, but right above that you have an Instagram icon which presumably links to your instagram. Make sure that <a> element is closed :slight_smile:

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Bro, geez. I am such an amateur. Thank you so much!!! I didn’t see that man!! lol

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Null sweat.

We all run in to those little mistakes. I’ve had entire programs fail because of a typo on one line of code. Helps to have a second set of eyes sometimes! :grin: