Why are my PNG's always getting portions cut off?

I’ve been making some PNGs in Adobe Illustrator to add as icons for my Product Landing Page. About half of the time I upload them to Google photos and then convert them to embed links it loses a portion of the PNG.

How it looks on Google Photos

What it ends up looking like
2022-04-09 06_13_56-Product Landing Page - Brave

I’m using this website Embed Google Photos in your Website and Emails to create CSS links for these photos. Am I doing something wrong?

show your code, otherwise we are unable to help

Thanks for your response!

Here is a link to the project with the defective PNG in it. I’m not certain it is because of the code though. https://codepen.io/multiplify/pen/gOoeQGR?editors=1100

I actually just fixed it! Looks like the URL had the wrong height and width, so I adjusted that and it seemed to work!

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