Why are solutions given in FCC exercices?


In the FCC code editor and exercises the solution is given right away in grey! Why is that? And can I deactivate this?
I’m sometimes tempted to look at the answer, and I don’t want to be tempted.

Any solution for that? Before the solution didn’t appear, only tips/hints on request.

Can you provide a link to one of these given solutions?

Here for example: the solution is given in clear!


It’s more like a guideline for you to check if your tests fail IMO. You write the code, run it, if it fails, you go to these points at the bottom and check what exactly did fail and try to fix it. :slight_smile:

Sorry but its not a guideline its the solution written in clear when you load the exercice…Pedagocially speaking this is not right. The answer in my example is clearly typed, and the lazy student would just have to follow the instructions. Thats is not a way to progress!

Sometimes some exercices just give hints right away and that’s fine but in several exercices the solutions is given away.

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Yes, but the alternative (which used to be the case until you ran the tests) is that you don’t show what is expected for the tests. For simple exercises, yes this means you can code to the test to pass.

But for the harder exercises it means you can see what the expected output should be, and that is often more important; the description and examples alone are often not enough. You know what the data looks like going in, and you want to know what it should look like coming out: the challenge is writing the logic in-between, the test cases don’t help you with that.

Plus sure, you can just return exactly what the test requires and pass everything that way, but what’s the point?

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