Why are videos preparing for job interviews available only for people who complete all certificates?

Hello Campers,

I heard many stories of people who finished only Front End Certificate here at freecodecamp, and were able to find a job.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to make the videos available right after finishing the first certificate? Or let’s say after Front End and Back End rather than all four ?

I would like somebody from the staff to comment if possible :> But I encourage you fellow campers to share your thoughts too of course :slight_smile:

I don’t think those are videos, but personal training. As far as I know, it’s a privilege that’s earned by completing the full course.

There are exactly 0 campers who have earned all 4 to date. All 3 there are at ~ 65. As of right now the number of people who make it past their 2nd non-profit project is next to nil. The reason being that their projects are strong enough to get them jobs after their first or second non-profit. They have a long list of references, between FreeCodeCamp people and the non-profits we help there are a bunch of people who will vouch for the developers skill set. So, most campers who make it this far will learn how to interview on their own.

“Cracking the coding interview” is a go to for most programmers.

I am one of the nonprofit project managers, so seeing the truly talented and hardworking developers come though this program is amazing. I hope you get through the program in to the nonprofits because it is really a unique experience.