Why can my header refresh my page? Why can't I go to 'Opleiding'?

This one has two small question contained because I think they are associated with each other. Whenever I click on my header it refreshes my page. I don’t think I did anything wrong with my header which why I am quite confused about this.

My second question is why I can click on the tab ‘opleidingen’ but it doesn’t actually show the page, although I can go to ‘cyclus’ and than click on it and it will work. But as soon as I stand on the home page it doesn’t? I can’t click on the ‘backbone’ one as well. It will do the same as the ‘opleiding’ page.

The navigation bar doesn’t work now because I use multiple html files for it to work but I am quite sure the problem is in the code I shared.

Thank you in advanced!!

Please do not share any personal project code. This is the forum dedicated to the Web Responsive Design course. Only questions connected to the course challenges may be and should be posted here.

You have not closed the anchor element that surrounds the content in the ‘section’ element. That is why the “title” is hyperlinked. You have not completed any of the li elements. The links can not open HTML pages in your codepen code because URL addresses indicate that these HTML files should be in the same file directory as index.html. I can not see the code of any of them…

Thank you for your respond and I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. I will delete them as soon as I checked your list.

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