Why can't I factorialize this number?

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I don’t understand why I’m getting a syntax error at the else statement

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function factorialize(num) {
if (num = 1) or (num = 0); {
return 1}
else {
return num * factorialize(num-1)

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Challenge: Factorialize a Number

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Hi. For starters, in your if-statement, you’re using an assignment operator ( = ) instead of an equality operator ( == ).

Secondly, the condition(s) you are checking should all be between one pair of parentheses and you should use the logical OR operator ( || ) like so:

if ( condition A  || condition B ) {
      // do stuff here;

Finally, please always enclose your code between a pair of three backticks ( ``` ) for readability. Cheers

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There are a lot of syntax errors in this code.
You have two sets of parenthesis after the if keyword. or isn’t a keyword. You have random stray semicolons.

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