Why can't my code pass for learn typography by building a nutrition label step 59

Can you share link of the problem…

Hi @dtimilehin0 ,

It could be the space you are missing between Sugars and 20%.

But, please post your code instead of a picture, as it is hard to read code from pictures.

<div class="divider"></div>
        <p class="indent no-divider"><i>Trans</i> Fat 0g</p>
        <div class="divider"></div>
        <p><span class="bold">Cholesterol</span> 0mg <span class="right bold">0%</span></p>
        <p><span class="bold">Sodium</span> 160mg <span class="right bold">7%</span></p>
        <p><span class="bold">Total Carbohydrate</span> 37g <span class="right bold">13%</span></p>
        <p class="indent no-divider">Dietary Fiber 4g</p>
        <div class="divider"></div>
        <p class="indent no-divider">Total Sugars 12g</p>
        <div class="divider dbl-indent"></div>
<p class="no-divider dbl-indent">Includes 10g Added Sugars<span class="right bold">20%</span></p>
<div class="divder"></div>

You have 2 closing div tags.

And, you are missing an i.

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