Why cant we have paid help section?

I’ll leave it at this, being able to improve one thing because you get to use it a lot does not mean you get better at the whole picture. If you want another example, I have been teaching many people how to work with git and solve issues, I got better at git, because I was using it which is why I was able to help others, assuming I got better just because I got to teach others, it does not mean I’m a better developer overall, it didn’t improve any of the other areas.

Helping others is not bad, I think it was Einstein that said if you can’t explain something so a child can understand then you don’t know it well enough. But the more you focus on one area the less you improve on another, if you give a way to identify who knows more then those who knows less will food their inbox with help request, helping them can help them master what they know, but the more they help the less time they have to learn new thigns or improve more advance things unless they decide to reject helping others or a few to improve with the helps of others.

Given that most people want to get a dev job, they are not here for just fun or curiosity so they will focus on getting the most out of it which is understanble. Either way, I would prefer to not have such system and instead continue with what we have, if you need help then ask int he chat or forum and someone will try to help on their own time. Pair with others, make friends and improve with someone around your level, having a coding partner can help as you can push eachother and help others along the way.

GoT got me distracted I’ll stop here.

Paid help - I am not on that trolly. Coming from a guy with a couple hundred dollars of programming books paid help is great, but the help front end/back end rooms are pretty okay. And youtube… Youtube is a great Resource on stuff you want to learn.

Does FCC still need its react curriculum, yes. Am I looking forward to learning react, yes. Do I own a book on react, yup. Has react been one of the things that I have found to not click with me yet, yes despite a dozen hours trying. So patiance and concentrated effort will get you there.


Have you tried finding someone with whom to peer-code? There is nothing stopping you from asking someone in one of the Gitter rooms to help you 1 on 1. FreeCodeCamp is even more a community than it is a platform - there are plenty of friendly campers who would be willing to help if you just know how to ask.

Otherwise, sure, put those skills to work and go make a PaidCodeCamp Help Marketplace.

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I didn’t consider that but you are 100% right. If people can make money by helping on this site, the number of people that will help for free will drop. The people who help for free are amazing and I appreciate them.