Why can't we use const variable without a function in this case?

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I’m a bit confused why are we using inline functions in this case and what would be a use of it in regular practice.

Looks like (i) would work the same as (ii) in this case:

const myFunc = () => "value"; // (i)

const myFunc  = "value"; // (ii)

and same here:

const magic = () => new Date(); // (i)

const magic = new Date(); // (ii)

So I’m a bit confused in what cases we would need to write those inline functions when we could declare a constant variable and get the same result.

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Challenge: Use Arrow Functions to Write Concise Anonymous Functions

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Mostly, this is just a quick exercise to introduce fat arrow functions.

This const myFunc = () => "value"; is known as arrow function, which would be the same as a regular function:

function myFunc() { 
  return "value"; 

It should not be confused with a variable.