Why code isn't working?

Hey, I’m trying to figure out a simple program for guessing a number from 0 to 100. The user should have only 5 attempts. If I have missed something, please let me know.
Here is the code:

let random = parseInt(Math.random() * 100); 

let out = document.getElementById("message");

let counter = 0;

let userNum;

do {

    userNum = prompt("Guess the number (between 0-100)");

        if(userNum === null){ 

        out.innerHTML = "Cancel!! That is Okay. You can play another time";


    userNum = parseInt(userNum);

    if (userNum === random) {

        out.innerHTML = "Congratulations. ";

        //  break; 

    } else {

         out.innerHTML = "That was not the right number. Try again! ";

        alert("That was not the right number!");



}while(counter < 5 && userNum !== random); 

if(counter == 5 && userNum !== random){

    out.innerHTML = `You ran out of chances!! The number was ${random} . Try again later`;

This code is working perfectly fine for me. I don’t understand the exactly problem you are facing can you pleaes elaborate?

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