Why creating a pagination with pure JavaScript is so hard?

I have been trying to find any kind of help (tutorials) to give pagination to my site but looks like everybody are using third party plugins to do paginations, are they really that hard to be just done with pure JavaScript? Looking to create something like this (example from this article) but without the need of any external plugin only JavaScript.

Why don’t you try to implement it yourself? You seem to know how you want it to work, so try it. If you get stuck, you can ask for help here.

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Yes I will try, wish me some luck, thanks anyways

I wrote a pagination that works like Google’s recently. You might find it useful and get an idea of how to approach this

// Create dummy posts to work with
const posts = [];
for (let i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
    posts.push(`Post ${i}`);

// Configurable variables
const POSTS_PER_PAGE = 5;
const CURRENT_PAGE = 13;

 * How we want the pagination to look like
let noOfPagesBehind;
let noOfPagesAhead;

// if pagination size is even we want current page to be placed at the beginning of second half
if (PAGINATION_SIZE % 2 === 0) {
    noOfPagesBehind = PAGINATION_SIZE / 2;
    noOfPagesAhead = (PAGINATION_SIZE / 2) - 1;
} else {
    // if pagination size is uneven the current page will be placed in the middle
    noOfPagesBehind = Math.trunc(PAGINATION_SIZE / 2);
    noOfPagesAhead = Math.trunc(PAGINATION_SIZE / 2);

// Calculate some meaningful variables to work with
const noOfPages = Math.max(1, Math.ceil(posts.length / POSTS_PER_PAGE));
const allPages = [...Array(noOfPages + 1).keys()].slice(1, noOfPages + 1);
const firstPossibleVisiblePage = Math.max(1, CURRENT_PAGE - noOfPagesBehind);
const lastPossibleVisiblePage = Math.min(CURRENT_PAGE + noOfPagesAhead, noOfPages);

 * Construct visible pages
let visiblePages;

// Total pages is smaller than pagination size, just show all pages
if (noOfPages < PAGINATION_SIZE) {
    visiblePages = allPages;
} else if ((lastPossibleVisiblePage - firstPossibleVisiblePage) + 1 < PAGINATION_SIZE) {
    // Pagination hit one of the bounderies and we can expand it either way
    visiblePages = firstPossibleVisiblePage === 1
        // Pagination hit left boundary
        ? allPages.slice(0, PAGINATION_SIZE)
        // Pagination hit right boundary
        : allPages.slice(-PAGINATION_SIZE);
} else {
    // Enough room on both end, just slice the allPages array
    visiblePages = allPages.slice(firstPossibleVisiblePage - 1, lastPossibleVisiblePage);

console.log('Current page', CURRENT_PAGE);
console.log('Visible pages', visiblePages);

thanks this is a good reference to start creating thanks

great work, vanilla is hard but it will definitely strengthen your core concept