Why div does not have closing tags

Hello, I am just trying to understand why certain lines have < div> and then </ div> to close and then there are lines that just have > to close.

Here is an example:
< div class=“characters” >

< div id=“head” >< /div>

Can someone tell me what the difference is? Thank you!

I am seeing it in the Picasso painting.

< div id="back-wall">< /div>
< div class="characters" >
          < div id="offwhite-character" >
            < div id="white-hat">< /div>

Im just trying to understand why not all have div closing tags. Im way past that step. Im just wondering why it shows up like that.

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its step 12 and 13. I have answers corrent. I just want to know why it shows up like that. What is the reason why certian lines do not have a >< /div> in general

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