Why do a lot of navbars not work on mobile?

So, I somehow broke my navbar (but only on mobile; it works perfectly fine on desktop) today. I’m not sure how or why. I’ve tried completely commenting out all of my JQuery, and creating a new navbar, and most other things you can imagine.

What I’m most confused about is that (1) A LOT of other people’s/sites’ navbars (even “mobile responsive navbar” demos!!) don’t work on my phone, and (2) if I start completely from scratch in a new codepen and create a super simple navbar, that doesn’t work on mobile either. Even if they work 120% fine on a computer. Is this a “my phone” issue?

I’m mostly concerned with my own nav bar (link below), but I’m just super confused in general right now too.


I suspect this is an issue with Codepen itself in the way they handle links.

I’ve written to them in the past highlighting this issue, but didn’t get a response :cry:

I’ve only tested it on iPhones, so I don’t know if it’s like that on all mobile devices, but I don’t think it’s a ‘your phone’ thing.

You can shift everything over to GitHub Pages and you’ll see it works on mobile. That’s what I eventually did with all my codepen projects.

Yeah, I’ve only tested on my iPhone so far. :frowning: It’s weird though; I’ve definitely gotten it working before on my phone and it was working this morning.

I’ve been trying to get my Codepens in shape so that I can just copy and paste and stick the files into GitHub Pages and not have to do anything further, but now I’m just starting to think I’ll put them in as is and figure the rest out later, hah.

I have looked at this over the last few days, because my navbar was fixed and worked on a desktop computer and on an Android phone but not on an iPad.

I have put my profile page on another server, and I agree with @JacksonBates that navbar behaviour on an iPad is currently affected by CodePen: Navbar working on an iPad on another server.

Haha yeah, I’ve since migrated everything to GitHub Pages and everything works as it should. :slight_smile: