Why do bullets not appear on my unordered list on codeen.io?

Hi, I’m really new in this world, so first of all thanks for your patience. I’ve been trying to add an unordered list on codepen.io but it only applies without the bullets. I’ve also tried to apply the style to make it with circle bullets on CSS, but nothing seems to work.
Thank you very much in advance.
It does appear for example when I apply it on this post but not in the codepen.io

Will you give a link to your pen please, instead of just the generic codepen link?

I know from experience that the bullets in a ul list do appear on codepen unless you specifically have coded for them not to.

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Yes, sure.

Here it is.

just add list-style: inside; to your #tribute-info css. I honestly don’t know why they aren’t displaying by default . You must have overridden the default somehow.

there are other styling options, check here

Thank you very much, that worked perfectly!

@jcastem, Someone has given you a workaround but it would have been better if you had an explanation as to why you were not seeing the bullets in the unordered list.

The reason is that you set it that way.
In codepen, click on the cog icon in the CSS editor.
In the window that opens, the second box has three radio buttons… ‘Normalize’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Neither’.
By default, ‘Neither’ is selected. You changed that to ‘Reset’.
Do a search and see what ‘Normalize’ and ‘Reset’ do for you.

If you had left the CSS Base at the default you would not need the property: value; pair to override. Unless you chose ‘Reset’ for a specific reason.

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You can check out the CSS reset used if you want to know what styles are being applied.

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