Why do we have to pay to read FCC articles?

Hi guys, just wanted to ask why we now need to pay for some of the FCC articles on medium?
I know this has to do with Medium hiding content for non-subscribers, but does that mean FCC articles won’t be shown for anyone who isn’t a member? See screenshot below for what I mean:

Clear your cache, use a VPN reboot your router to get a new ip address- also use opera with its VPN

The problem is not the user. The problem is with whoever setup the articles to be medium members only.

The problem is with Medium. In order to monetize their content, they moved to a paywall model, apparently without consulting any of the content producers. I’m told that FCC is eventually going to be hosting its own blogs because of this.

Oh really? Since when? That is a bit rubbish…

Free Code Camp does not choose to put any of their articles behind a paywall. Ever since Medium went to a subscription model, it appears that they arbitrarily and randomly block content once a non-paying user has read “too many” articles for free. It is, we all agree, magnificent bullshit. Free Code Camp is building up their own news application. I do not know what the future of the Medium publication will be. Many of the articles collected under FCC are written by others and basically syndicated by FCC. When you look at the current FCC News page, you will see that all the articles, videos, and podcasts are posted by just a few people. I don’t know if this is because the FCC News is just getting started or due to complications with 3rd party content.


Medium is the problem… bait and switch. A lot of other tech sites also suddenly found their free articles hostaged by Medium behind a paywall. Fucking Medium, they didn’t even created/wrote those articles and they suddenly change the rules of the game and paywalled them.