Why does codepen keep multiplying my pens?

Hi guys,I opened 1 pen in codepen but it keeps on multiplying,be happy if you can be of help,thanks.

Can you please provide more information about what you mean? It is very difficult to know what is going on from this brief description.

I’ve never seen any behavior that would be described that way. Can you elaborate more on what you mean? If you go to https://codepen.io/your-work/ you should be able to see a complete list of your pens. When you save, it will update the existing pen.

This is what I mean:

It put this pen 12 times.

I would imagine that you are accidentally forking or copying your work


I could have accidentally forked my pen but not 12 times.

You’d be surprised. It’s pretty easy to accidentally hit ‘fork’ or ‘save as’ button.

I have noticed this since I started using codepen,I thought it was normal but as my pens started to become too much I realized it isn’t normal anymore.

You’re right. That’s not normal. The only way I know to copy a pen is to fork it.

I have already reported two other problems to the Codepen support team regarding this issue:

and another one but no response yet ,so I think I will just have to leave it like that.