Why does email recipient receives such text " = name "?

Hey guys,
Why reciepinet has received "Name = I am testing " in the body email?
I have been working on my form as a page for future projects and a little intro about me

will be involving HTML, CSS and Javascript)
Meantime I am stuck with an extra character in the body text of the recipient’s email.

What has the recipient has gotten response back from my website and for that, before he typed name, email, and message in the text box( on my website)
Body text - name= I am testing = All was written in the box field on Recipient’s side is- I am testing

Code is below

    <h1>My Contact Details </h1>
    <p>  Temp. hidden      </p>
    <form action="mailto:mashafreelancer17@gmail.com" method="post" enctype= "text/plain">
      <label> Your Name:</label>
      <Input type="text" name="" value="">
      <!--atom suggested  to end input like this  </input> tag -->
      <label> Do you want to sign up to the email list ?</label>
      <input type="checkbox" name="" value="">
      <input type="submit" name="" value="">
      <!-- simple way to add submit button-->
      <label> Your Email: </label>
      <input type="email" name="" value="">
      <label> Your Message: </label>
      <textarea name="name" rows= "10" cls="15"></textarea>
      <input type="submit" name="" value="" >

Thank you all for an effort. Issue has been resolved so far.

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