Why does the system forces me to start from the beginning

The whole concept is very good, and I like it. But, for the third time when I log in with my e mail
adress, I am starting over from the very beginning, clicking the steps…
Please help me how to avoid that. thanks

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Have you tried clicking the map link in the menu? The web page should open where you was last in the curriculum.

Have you Bookmarked on a certain challenge, so that’s where it opens maybe?



I dont see the the map when I log in. It is taking me step by step just like the first time.

I will try and see on my tomorrows log in.

This thread saved my day. MAP works for me. Thanks @MARKJ78

So this is something that has always happened, and will probably until Beta is released and done with. I too was a little annoyed that every time I logged in it didn’t take me to where i left off. But when you do log in, in the top right hand corner you will see what we’re talking about. The Map is there after you log in. You’ll have to click on that and scroll through to find where you are